Vanessa R. Virgil

Vanessa R. Virgil

Chief Executive Officer

The leadership role for Legacy also entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company's long and short term plans. Thus as CEO Mrs. Vanessa serve's as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and communicates to the Board on behalf of management. Creating the ultimate Legacy Experience is what we strive for. Let us make you your very own Beautiful YOU!

Micah DM. Smith

Micah DM. Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Kya overseeing the planning, development and execution of the organization's marketing and advertising initiatives for Legacy, and ensures the organization's message is distributed across channels and to targeted audiences in order to meet sales objectives.


New Management

Jackson, MI Beauty Academy new owner is From Metropolitan Area of Detroit. Vanessa R. Virgil Passion for service
continues to Remain within the Cosmetology industry for over 20 years of services.

Natural Hair Culturist

20 Years Experience ​Braiding. Dreads, ​Weaving, Styling, Clipping, Mens Haircuts, Trimming of Facial Hair &​ Beards


Legacy Co-Jackson Beauty Academy formerly name KSA was founded over 30 yrs ago and later inherited by, Former Owner: Kim Sheridan. Vanessa has come on from a family of Hairstylist, Makeup, Barber and Natural Haircultralist Artististry. New Management seeks to continue this trend supply services that will keep the torch of Legacy Jackson Beauty Academy an Quality Experience of Beauty. We seek to equip both the Salon & Spa-Beauty Academy with the latest technology and innovative styles and techniques.​


Mission Statement

Our mission for Legacy Co. -Salon & Spa- Jackson Beauty Academy LLC is to provide Cosmetology Career Preparation in the arts and science field. We are passionately committed to providing a solid educational and salon experience to empower our team and future professionals in the pursuit of excellence. Legacy is where we strongly believe that if you want to be great start by serving others and, success will follow.


We exist to attract, maintain both clients and future professionals. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers and community. This chosen field will help serve, educate, and sell products that enhance our clients' physical appearance and mental relaxation.
Our Motto
"The Legacy Experience!"
Keys to Success

  • Location: Easily accessible location for students and clients.
  • Environment: Providing a professional and relaxing environment with the innovations and techniques of the cosmetology industry standards.
  • Convenience: Offering clients and students a wide range of services in one setting, and extended business hours.
  • Reputation: The owner and other beauticians have a reputation for providing superior personal service, while maintaining the Legacy of Beauty.

THE Stylist

Legacy Co. Salon & Spa stylists perform a broad range of beauty services, from cutting hair to performing scalp treatments. Typical duties include but not limited to: barbering, shampooing, shaving, cutting, and styling hair, hair treatments, including deep conditioning, permanents, hair coloring, and weaving. With styles and trends changes Legacy seeks to stay instep with the industry and it's movement. Stop by and let us help style you your own beautiful within the Legacy Experience....